Why choose Meoncross? A coastal private school in Hampshire

Meoncross School is a leading independent day school, and a very proud through school – enabling children to start their educational journey at 2.5 years, and continuing through until Year 11. We really are the only school you will ever need.

Meoncross is a school that consistently achieves high academic results. This success is linked not only to small class sizes and highly trained and talented staff, but is also the result of a strong focus on personalised learning, which allows every student to realise their full potential, regardless of ability. Whilst academic excellence is a top priority, we also passionately believe that emotional wellbeing and happiness are crucial to educational success.

Throughout the last two years, Meoncross School provided certainty, consistency and structure at a time when all were hard to come by. Through our Online Learning provisions, we ensured that pupils received a continuous and uninterrupted education.

Below are just some of the reasons you should choose our co-educational private school on the glorious Solent coastline for your child. However, don’t take our word for it: come along for a private visit and guided tour. Click here for details.

A Genuine Love of Learning

Inspectors confirm the excellent attitude towards learning of pupils.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The many enrichment opportunities available to pupils, build transferable skills and create inquisitive, well-rounded young people.

The Meoncross Journey

We offer girls and boys a consistently high standard of education from Nursery through to Senior School.

Personalised Provision

Our students embark on academic study that supports their long term aspirations and personal needs.

Small Classes

A fine balance means all pupils benefit from individual attention whilst enjoying a good social mix.

Our Coastline Resource

Children who spend time learning in natural environments perform better in the classroom.

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