The school motto ‘Luctor et emergo’ underpins all we do here at Meoncross; the Latin phrase which appeared on the original school badge in 1953 and is best translated as “I strive and I emerge”.

We seek to embed this ethos into the daily life of the school by teaching our pupils that only through hard work will they achieve success. We do this through the challenges set in every lesson, to those experienced on stage and the sports field and in the opportunities for leadership that they have at every age. We want to build their resilience and their willingness to test themselves since those qualities are at the heart of our core values and are essential to a rewarding and happy adult life.

We strive to understand the challenges faced by each child by getting to know them very well indeed. Our staff keep a close eye on the progress of each individual, discussing them by name at regular formal and informal meetings. Only in this way can we tailor the support we offer them because every child has their own challenges to overcome. We strive to help them as individuals rather than as a cohort. To this end, we introduce academic mentors as they enter the Upper School. Most importantly, we look to celebrate their successes in school or outside it; supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

The quality of our teaching throughout all academic years has been independently judged as ‘outstanding’ and is underpinned by meticulous planning to ensure that our high standards of academic attainment are maintained. When you combine this with our approach to building a lifelong set of values and a determined work ethic, it is small wonder that we are proud of our leavers.

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