Mentoring at Meoncross seeks to facilitate a pupil’s own thinking and reasoning skills to enable confidence when dealing with challenges and to encourage self-belief and resilience.

We recognise that an effective mentoring programme can boost pupils’ aspirations, confidence, self-belief and motivation. By adopting a largely coaching style in our mentoring sessions, we ensure that all our pupils make the best progress possible, across all subject areas. A coaching style helps our pupils to ask themselves the right questions in order to identify their areas of strength and weakness, as well as ways to improve academic performance by looking to the future.

The role of an academic mentor is primarily to monitor the academic progress of their mentees. Mentors meet with their mentees formally in a one to one setting, to agree targets based on their progress cards and reports and informally to monitor the progress their mentees are making. Informal meetings are also an opportunity to discuss any issues pupils may be experiencing academically and for the mentor to offer support.

At Meoncross we value personalisation and mentoring seeks to support each child as an individual.

Meoncross Parent

I wanted to say how well our daughter did in the class presentation, particularly when I think of her crippling shyness and anxiety. She is getting much better when it comes to speaking up. I can only thank all her Meoncross teachers for this.

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