Children should be given every opportunity to realise their full academic and personal potential.  We have a dedicated, highly qualified support team that delivers a personalised support programme to meet each child’s individual learning needs. Our team works closely with academic staff to ensure that pupils receive tailored support to enable them to access the full curriculum and maximise their potential.

We adopt a flexible approach to support which may take the form of in-class support, small group work or one to one sessions. The main focus is on ensuring that each child has a positive experience at school. Small class sizes across the school contribute to a supportive and nurturing environment in which all children can thrive.  LSAs offer tailored interventions in English and Maths to help increase a child’s ability and self-esteem, leading them to independence and greater confidence in their own capabilities.

In the Upper School we offer an inclusive network of support that means pupils can flourish in the mainstream setting and still receive tailored advice to help them engage and succeed across the curriculum.

The Learning Support Department is also able to offer screening as a first step in identifying any specific learning needs. In line with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulations we can establish if there is a need for a pupil to receive additional support such as a reader, scribe or extra time when undertaking GCSE or A-level examinations.

To help tackle the social issues that many of our children face in today’s society and its’ impact on their learning, we also run a special Talkabout intervention to deal with the many issues that arise. These sessions are available to pupils in all the key stages and follow a structured programme that focuses on talking and listening to others whilst developing each child’s self-belief and self-esteem.

Meoncross Parent

Like all of the children at Meoncross, our son was given a significant amount of support from staff but I believe your interest in him, at a time when you were not actually teaching him, has particularly made a phenomenal difference to him and his life chances, and for that, we really cannot thank you enough.

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