Contact the Admissions team on 01329 666017 to arrange your visit, or use the following booking form

We accept applications in advance of a visit but advise you visit before you apply to gain insight into the school.

A tour of the classrooms and facilities and a meeting with the Headmaster.

Parents should decide if they would prefer to investigate first or involve their child in the decision from the beginning.

Places at key entry points fill up quickly and we advise you make an application at least eighteen months prior to entry.

Applications to register your child are made online. A paper copy of the application form is available from the Admissions team.

We take pupils from families who are moving or returning to the UK.

Reassure them that they should just do their best as the assessments are not designed to catch them out.

This depends upon the year of entry and time of year being applied for. The Admissions team will advise you.

The Headmaster considers the outcome of taster days, school reports and other information before reaching a decision. No pupil will be disadvantaged by the school by virtue of gender, race, religion or disability.

Recent School Report, ID, Special Educational Needs, Court Order, Medical, Dietary

01329 66 2182