Fees and Disbursements for Academic Year 2016-17

Tuition Fees

Infant School Termly Tuition Fee (Years R to 2) £2665
Junior School Termly Tuition Fee (Years 3 to 6) £2995
Senior School Termly Tuition Fee (Years 7 to 11) £3835
Sixth Form Termly Tuition Fee (Years 12 to 13) £3835

Nursery Fees

8am - 4pm£6.80 per hour
4pm – 6pm £3.40 per half hour
7.30am - 8am £4.37 per half hour

Full details of nursery sessions and charges can be found here.


Lunch £235 per term
(compulsory for Reception to Year 6)
Milk£42.75 per term
Juice £73.50 per term
(twice a day)
£42.75 per term
(once a day)

Wrap Around Care

Breakfast Club
(8am - 8.30am)
After School Care
(3.45 – 5.30pm)
£11.50 per child & £3.50 for each additional sibling
Extended After School Care
(5.30 – 6pm)
£2.75 per child

If a pupil is attending a School Club or Sporting Fixture after school, their sibling may attend After School Care for £5.50 within the normal After School Care hours, for the duration of the fixture/club.


Registration Fee£150.00
Acceptance Deposit £350.00


In recognition of our commitment to being a family school, we are delighted to offer the following discount structure for siblings attending Meoncross in Years R – 11:

First Child Full Published Fees
Second Child in attendance 5% discount on published fees
Younger Third Child in Attendance10% discount on published fees
Younger Fourth, Fifth Children in Attendance15% discount on published fees

For any duration, when a pupil may be eligible for more than one financial award e.g. a sibling discount and a Scholarship, only the value of the greater award will be applied to school fees.