Beach School Workshop: a pupil report

Teagen, in Year 2, wrote a very descriptive piece about the recent spring Beach School workshop:

When I went to the beach it was very cloudy and busy. My sister Kara came to the beach with my Daddy and my dog called Bosun. When I got to the beach I put on a hi-vis jacket and got a Passport too. Inside the Passport there were flags and when you had done the activity you got it stamped.

The first activity we did was the one where you had to make a repeating pattern out of stones and it had to be two different colours. We chose white and black. We had a cup to collect some stones. Then we got our flags stamped in the Passport.

After that we did the running activity where you had to run to the blue flag and I was 19.47 seconds. Then we got our Passport stamped and Mrs Didymus asked if we wanted our hand stamped and we said yes please and she did.

Next we went to the next station where you had to choose a rock then paint it I chose a rock shaped like a ship and painted it purple, orange and green. Then I left it to dry on the wall. After that I got my Passport stamped.

Then I went to the next station where you had to fill in a flag with shells and stones. After we finished we got our Passport stamped again.

Then we made a maze where you had to collect shells and stones to go in between the lines on the piece of paper and you had to find something special to go in the middle. Then we stamped our Passport again!

Finally we did the last activity where you had to choose a piece of sea glass and wrap it up in wire to make a necklace. Then we stamped our last flag in our Passport. We got to take our piece of sea glass home.

Then we went to get our stones we painted and they looked beautiful now that they are dry. We walked along the beach to the hut where we first started. We went inside the hut and ate a chocolate cake and drank some squash. When we were eating Bosun was being a bit of a cheeky dog.

Then we walked home down roads soon we were back at our house.

A big thank you to Teagan for a wonderful description of this term’s Commonwealth themed Beach School Workshop at Hill Head Beach last Saturday.

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