Celebrating GCSE Success

GCSE results at Meoncross School in Fareham have eclipsed the national picture with pupils achieving top grades against a backdrop of exam reform and increasing academic challenge.

Tough new exams in English language, English literature and maths have tested the quality of teaching and learning at Meoncross School and found it to be first class.

The new exams are graded 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest. Grade 8 is equivalent to A* and 5 is described as a strong C.

Grade 9 has been reserved for exceptional performances and awarded to just 3.5% of entries in maths, 3.3% in English literature, 2.2% in English language and 2.9% overall (source: The Joint Council for Qualifications).

A remarkable 29% of pupils at the school in Stubbington achieved grade 8 or 9 in maths, while 24% and 13% secured 8 or 9 in English literature and English language respectively.

The new qualifications contain significantly more challenging content and are assessed through end-of-course exams rather than by coursework or on a module basis.

Headmistress Sarah Ebery said: “I am incredibly proud of Year 11 for staying focused and studying hard amid a drastically changed system.

“Furthermore I am delighted we have achieved our school’s number one aim of academic excellence, something for which we strive daily.”

There were excellent results for Meoncross School in the unchanged GCSE courses of study too. For example, in textiles 100% of grades were A* or A while in geography 48% secured top grades. In each of the three single sciences – biology, chemistry and physics – 54% of pupils achieved A* or A.

Claire Jepson, Deputy Head Upper School and Sixth Form, said: “It is wonderful to be celebrating today after what has been an uncertain time and much more rigorous exams.

“Our pupils have performed so well and I applaud them and their excellent teachers.”

The GCSE reforms were pioneered by former education secretary Michael Gove following concerns that teenagers in England were falling behind peers in high-performing Asian countries. By 2019 most GCSE subjects will be examined and graded in the new way.

Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, said the new-style exams would stretch even the most able students, saying this week: “They contain questions of a level of difficulty that we have not seen since the abolition of O-levels in 1987.”

Meoncross School is a leading independent all-through school on the Solent coast. It is proudly non-selective and welcomes girls and boys from the age of two-and-a-half to 18-years-old.

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