Passport is our weekly timetabled slot when learning becomes more flexible and is not structured around year groups or traditional classroom-based subjects. Passport is designed to be educational rather than recreational and is structured around our core values encouraging pupils to challenge themselves and to build resilience and confidence. The whole school takes part in Passport on Wednesday afternoons.

Passport activities mostly take place on site and are delivered by teachers, occasionally in relation to curriculum content, or else to develop transferable skills, providing opportunities for pupils of all ages to interact and work together.

Lower School pupils experience (amongst other topics) public speaking, country dancing, lego construction, photography, water-colour painting, origami, tangrams, problem-solving, relaxation, general knowledge and even Quidditch!

In the Upper School, we have offered airfix models, Ancient Greek, animal care, art & crafts, balloon-debating, digital photography, interview skills, circuit training, beach art, ornithology, handball and zumba.

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