Debating Society hold a Leaders’ Debate inspired by the General Election

The Upper School Debating Society, inspired by the prospect of a General Election, started to work on their own “House manifestos” at the start of this term, and we finally managed to hold our very own “Leaders’ Debate” this week. The aim of the exercise was not political, so the brief was about running the school, not the country. Some of the manifesto pledges included: a more relaxed school uniform, mirrors and a choice of air-fresheners in the bathrooms, giving pupils iPad Minis, reintroducing school pets, timetabling more music lessons, or installing more drinking fountains. Though the speakers sometimes harangued each with the ubiquitous “And how are you going to pay for it?”, we were relieved not to hear the phrases “strong and stable leadership” or “coalition of chaos”, which helped to keep the peace… The debaters, all from Year 7 on this occasion, acquitted themselves wonderfully well, and it would not be a huge surprise if some of them ended up at Westminster (or Downing Street?) at some point in the future! 

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