Financial Security – The Strength of Cognita Schools

One of the great advantages of being a Cognita school, is that Meoncross is backed by a highly successful global company, with over 70 schools worldwide, and 40 in the UK. For our parents, this means that any investment they make in our school, is always secure and they can feel confident that their children’s education will continue uninterrupted and they will never need to move them to another school.

Unfortunately, we know of several independent schools that are struggling financially within Hampshire and the local area.  Sadly, we have heard that there are schools who are having to close their doors at the end of this academic year, and we also know of others that have had to seek additional funding to remain open.

In the past, Meoncross has accommodated students from schools that have closed, and we have experience of supporting families in these difficult and upsetting circumstances.

Although we are full in a number of year groups, and have had to start waiting lists, we do still have spaces in some year groups available. If you know of anyone who is concerned about the financial status of their current school, please do encourage them to contact our Admissions Manager Holly for a confidential conversation.

01329 66 2182