GCSE Results 2020

Meoncross School celebrates outstanding achievements of students

Students from Meoncross School are celebrating today, after receiving excellent GCSE results with 99% achieving Grade 4 or above in all subjects.  The results included 100% of students achieving Grade 4 or higher in 22 subjects (including English and Mathematics) and 100% Grade 5 or above in 14 subjects.

Students performed exceptionally well in English and Maths, with 95% gaining a Grade 5 or higher in English Language and Literature (100% at Grade 4 or above) and 92% in Maths (100% at Grade 4 or higher). Results in Triple Science were particularly noteworthy with 100% of students achieving Grade 6 or above in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.  In Double Science 99% of Meoncross students gained Grade 4 or higher with 87% at Grade 5 or above.

In addition to these outstanding results, 55% of students achieved Grades 7 or higher – the previous A grade equivalent – with 31% awarded a Grade 8 or Grade 9.  In Biology and Chemistry 50% of students achieved Grade 9 (equivalent to A** indicating exceptional performance).  Similarly, in History and Spanish, 36% and 29% achieved Grade 9 respectively. In Physics 38% were grade 9.

Headmaster, Mark Cripps  said  “This outstanding GCSE success is well deserved and reflects the students passion and enthusiasm for their learning. Many of the students have been with us since Nursery, and despite the challenges of the last few months, they have all remained fully engaged and positive. We are so proud of our Year 11s and also of the teaching staff who continued to inspire and motivate the students through the Cognita-wide ‘Inspiring Futures’ programme which commenced in May to help prepare the students for the next stage of their educational journey.  I feel very confident that the high level of resilience and unswerving optimism displayed by every one of our Year 11 students during this extremely challenging period will provide them with an excellent foundation on which to build future educational and life success.”


Meoncross GCSE Results 2020

Grade 7+ Meoncross
All Subjects 55%
Maths 42%
Eng Lang 48%
Eng Lit 45%
Grade 4+ Meoncross
All Subjects 99%
Maths 100%
Eng Lang 100%
Eng Lit 100%
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