Claire Jepson

“My teaching career began in the state sector, in a very large, local school with a Sixth Form.  I moved to another inner-city state school to become Head of English and then found myself in the world of HMC independent education, as Head of English and Senior Teacher. Four years ago I moved to Meoncross and have subsequently been Gifted and Talented coordinator, the Founding Head of Sixth Form and now Deputy Head, Upper School.

I am delighted to be working here and feel privileged to have been actively involved in some dramatic and forward-thinking developments. I believe passionately in the value of having high academic expectations and the joy that can be gained from facilitating a child’s own self-belief.  I love my subject, but more importantly, love inspiring children and helping them believe that they really can achieve more than they ever thought possible.”30

Skills: BA(Hons), MA

01329 66 2182