Growing Coastal Opportunities

Meoncross School has offered learning outside of the classroom in the form of ‘beach school’ for our lower school children over the last four years. The success of the regular visits and the impact this has on pupils learning and their wellbeing has been evident. As a result, we are busy building plans to open this offer to those in the upper school.

As an educator, seeing young people engaging with their local environment, taking notice, connecting with the world around them and being active offers the biggest rewards. Fresh-faced children, making a difference and following their interests is an opportunity not to be missed and an important chance to allow the pupils to connect with themselves and recognise the impact of being outside, in the fresh air and away from pressures of screens and text books.

Every subject can be taught outside the classroom and in turn can influence further work back at school. For example, Year 9 textiles students recently visited the beach to find first-hand inspiration for course of study. Their  observational drawings and photography has evolved into designs for detailed textile pieces which will contribute towards their end of year results.

Year 6 pupils spent time at Stokes Bay, looking at evidence left from the D-Day launch and considering the thoughts and feelings of soldiers as they sat waiting to embark on a journey they knew they may not return from.

Our Year 4 pupils had the fun of developing team work skills by building a scale model of an Egyptian shaduf at the beach and making it work by lifting sea water to “irrigate” their crops!

Meanwhile, the youngest members of the school continue to attend the beach weekly during summer term to explore the world on their doorstep and apply their knowledge from the classroom in an external environment. Of course, they also have great fun and we are all for this.

The newly formed Coastal Team at Meoncross is fully involved in the planning and execution of learning opportunities and are always looking for new connections with marine industry and coastal based organisations to develop meaningful links for our pupils.

Please email if you would like to work with us.

Jess Walton, Coastal Team


01329 66 2182