Head of History on Study Tour to Berlin

During October half term Mr Lovett, Head of History, travelled to Germany for a teacher study tour of Berlin. The tour was fully funded by the German Foreign Office and organised and run through the European Academy Berlin. It involved visits to a diverse range of locations with specialists on German culture, politics and history. Here, Mr Lovett reflects on a fascinating visit.
“After 12 years of teaching about this country I felt like a student once more, able to learn more in one week than I have learnt in 12 years of teaching Weimar, Nazi and Cold War Germany. It was an incredible experience and I cannot wait now to plan a a school trip to this fabulous city.
Our tour leader Sarah was superb and together with another colleague from the Academy, Desiree, they created a fantastic itinerary that meant our week was most memorable. The itinerary was jam-packed full of meetings and visits that enabled the 16 participating British history teachers to really connect with the diverse and complex history of this nation, while also engaging us with issues relating to current cultural, social and political developments taking place in Germany.
It was an opportunity to enrich my teaching of this important aspect of history that I have no doubt will benefit my students. It is an intense week of learning that will change your perception of German history, keep an eye out for when applications open for next year.”

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Highlights of the trip include visits to:

  • The German Historical Museum
  • The Stasi Archive
  • The Federal Foreign Office
  • A German school (including bi-lingual lesson observation)
  • Alexander Haus

Alexander Haus, Am Park 2, Groß Glienicke, 14476 Potsdam
“This was one of our final visits, and perhaps the most memorable. We arrived in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin to a dilapidated house.
The story behind this building, which was once a home to various generations of family is intriguing and very moving. British historian John Owen, together with teachers from the Tiergarten School in Berlin, guided us around the area.
Behind the house is a lake, which became the dividing line between East and West Germany. The Berlin wall quite literally was built across the back garden of the house, placing the home of the German family living there on the Eastern side, unable to visit the lake.”

I highly recommend any history teacher who has the opportunity to participate in this tour to do so. Here is a link to the itinerary and the website

Mr Ben Lovett
Head of History

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