Headmistress’ Class Commendation for Year 3

Mrs Ebery visited Year 3  to award them with a Class Commendation for their short story writing.

Pupils have been re-writing traditional fairy tales and have produced a storybook called ‘The Book of Three’.

Besty wrote ‘the blurb’ on the back page of the book.

“Have you ever heard the story of ‘The Three Little Stormtroopers’ by Xander, or ‘The Three Little Monsters’ by Betsy? No, well you’re in for a treat. This book has traditional tales with a twist!”

Other stories included were:

‘The Three Little Aliens’ by Ruby
”The Three Ducklings’ by Rosie
‘The Three Little Dogs’ by Henry
‘The Three Little Aliens’ by Esther
‘Three Little Pokemon’ by Oscar
‘Three Little Stadiums’ by Joshua
‘The Three Little Stormtroopers’ by Jeremy

Two stories were chose at random to be read to Mrs Ebery. Besty  read ‘The Three Little Monsters’ and Esther  read ‘The Three Little Aliens’. Everyone received House points for their great work.

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