Headmistress’ Commendations for Maths and English

Four pupils from Year 5 received commendations for their excellent work in Maths and English. Each received five House points for their hard work.

For her excellent diary entry in the role of Bess, from “The Highwayman”. Sofia wrote an emotional piece all about her love for the Highwayman – she included metaphors, alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia in her work as well as some super vocabulary.

Maddy & Abby
For their super work in Maths when adding amounts of money and working with decimals. Well done girls – this was something that you initially found tricky but you were both resilient.

For her dedicated approach to Abacus, our online Maths learning resource. Jessica’s Maths has really benefited from her regular engagement with Abacus at home and she frequently brings additional written work to school.

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