Inspired by Lowry and Gainsborough at Southampton Art Gallery

What an amazing day Year 3 had at Southampton Art Gallery. Exploring a huge Gainsborough portrait, a sculpture of Eve and finding two L.S. Lowry paintings were just some of the highlights of an informative and exciting day.

They really enjoyed the workshop where Jo Bressloff inspired them to explore colour, shape and tone, using watercolour, wax candles, pastels, ink and even salt.

Here are some of the impressions of the event by Year 3 pupils:

Jacob M “I liked the LS Lowery paintings, as we had been learning about these. One painting was of the floating bridge and the matchstick men looked as though they were moving.”

Sam T. “I liked the sculpture of Eve. She was naked, with her arms folded and her head in her arms because she was sad or depressed after eating the apple from the garden of Eden.”

Ruby H. “I loved our trip to the Southampton Art Gallery. My favourite part was trying to copy another picture. It was really interesting. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and the sculptures.”

Oscar W. “We did two activities, one was where I painted a picture and on a dark sheet we drew two pictures and then we would get the painted picture and sellotape it and we would get some print ink and put it on the back of the dark sheet then you would draw in pen over the penciled drawing and then you would take it off and the end result be a lovely picture, I found this very interesting because it should me the process involved in producing a piece of art.”

Erin H. “It was an amazing day full of fun and activities. I really liked the painting of a man against the tree.”

Esther S. “My first favourite picture was the leaf collage. I also liked the mermaid painting.”

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