At Meoncross we place great emphasis on pastoral care so that every pupil is able to extend themselves academically in a learning environment that is inclusive, supportive and nurturing.

We hold our pupils to the highest expectations of behaviour and conduct. Our Code of Conduct encourages pupils to demonstrate positive behaviours to each other and the wider community supported by an extensive reward system which celebrates positive behaviour and achievements.

There is a Pastoral Lead for each key stage of the school who works closely with class teachers to ensure all are dedicated to supporting pupil development.

Form tutors develop a holistic understanding of each child’s progress and act as their mentors.

Peer to peer mentoring is available in each key stage, to ensure that there is always a friendly voice to talk to within a dedicated space, so that little worries don’t become big worries.

Pupils have a voice in the running of the school through the School Council, in both the Lower and Upper Schools.

Meoncross Parent

My son formed a close bond with his form tutor. I thought it lovely that he was able to come and chat with her about his situation, so thank you for that.

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