Council representatives are elected by pupils and the Council meets on a fortnightly basis to discuss school issues, charity and community projects.  Council leaders also meet regularly with the Headmaster to share their progress. This year the Council’s long term objective is to develop our global perspective.

The Council plays a key role in raising awareness of issues that may affect pupils, such as ‘mental health week’. This year they are promoting ‘Happiness week’ which will focus on boosting the moods of all pupils and offer strategies to increase pupil well-being.

As well as school issues, the Council helps to arrange annual whole school events, including the pupils v staff v parents matches, the school talent contest ‘Meon’s Got Talent’, and the Christmas Pantomime.

The Council plays a leading role in the charitable activities at the school, working with the Parent Association and Sports Leaders to bring national and local fundraising projects to life including Sport Relief and Stubbington Ark.

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