Nursery ‘Keeping Healthy’

The Nursery topic this week is ‘Keeping Healthy.’ The Nursery currently has a Dental Surgery set up in the role play area and to reinforce the children’s learning we had a visit from Olivia Burrows who is part of the dental team at Westleigh Dental Practice in Fareham.

Olivia explained to the children that they need to take care of their teeth as these are used for both eating and for talking. Olivia asked the children if they had visited a dentist and the majority of the children raised their hands. She explained what happens when you visit and that the dentist checks teeth to ensure they are growing properly. She then went on to talk about fluoride in toothpaste and that it makes our teeth strong and that it was not important to rinse all the toothpaste out of our mouths after cleaning as this continues to protect our teeth. Olivia demonstrated how to clean our teeth with a giant toothbrush using circular movements. She encouraged the children to join in an activity sorting foods that were kind to your teeth and not so kind.

Comments from children:

Jacob “I’m not allowed to spit my toothpaste out cause I am a kid!”

Georgia “We are allowed sweets”

Jake “Dentist what is your name?”

Elizabeth “I ate Weetabix this morning”

Harry “You are allowed one doughnut”

Georgia “My brother’s tooth fell out”

Olivia finished her talk with the story of Peppa Pig and The Dentist Trip.

The children were each given a goody bag containing a toothbrush and a 2 minute timer to remind them how long to clean their teeth for.

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