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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Running tips for beginners

With the arrival of lighter evenings (hoorah!), our Director of Sport, Mr Russell, has put together some top tips to make the most getting active and taking up a new hobby – running!

Running tips for beginners

1. Start yourself (with an adult), it’s free, you just need some trainers. 
2. Set yourself a target distance and date (e.g. 5k – race day in 2 months) and gradually build towards this distance over the time you have allowed.
3. Use the various GPS apps to plot a route around your house, starting off with a manageable distance.
4. Try to run 2-3 times a week initially, timing yourself (look to always beat your PB) and increase this as you get closer to the race day.
5. When you feel comfortable, look to increase your distance and the length of time you are running for.
6. Remember that warming up and cooling down are essential to avoid injury and aid recovery, meaning you can run again far sooner.
7. Rest and recovery is more important than the actual training… injury will frustrate and hamper the progress you have made.
6. The local park runs are great, they are 5k and free to enter but you must register online ( The timings are official and recognised, something we use within assessment for GSCE PE.
7. Join a local running club, we have the Stubbington Green Runners as our local club, who accept adults and children
8. Join the gym, their are several within the local area and they have the facilities and equipment to target other areas of fitness.

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