Year 3 SeaCity Museum Trip

Year 3 enjoyed a trip to SeaCity Museum in Southampton to support their investigation of the Titanic disaster. On arrival, the children were in awe of the dark city streets of 1912 Southampton, the figures, the old shops and the piped street sounds.They looked carefully at the names on the ‘Crew Wall’ and identified that over three-quarters of the crew came from Southampton.

In their workshops, the children considered what life was like onboard the RMS Titanic for 1st Class Passenger (Thea P-S), 3rd Class Passenger (Erin H), the Lookout (Isaac Q) and The Captain (Jasper G-E).  Joshua J, Henry M., Louis D., marvelled at the size of the RMS Titanic, if it stood upright it would be 6 metres taller than the Clock Tower at Southampton Civic Centre. Xander F. and Jeremy G. enjoyed ‘stoking the fire’ to keep the engines of the RMS Titanic burning. Esther S. and Sam T. enjoyed exploring Morse Code. All the children were intrigued to learn that their guide’s wife was related to the last surviving and youngest passenger on board RMS Titanic – Millvina Dean.

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