Year 4 ‘Not Much Sleep’ Sleepover

On Friday 23rd June, Year 4 were invited to the inaugural school sleepover. Following a morning of team activities at the Beach, a picnic lunch and swimming as normal, Year 4 bid farewell to the rest of the school as they set up camp in the Junior block.
Mrs George, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Marshall and Mr Stamper were amused, dismayed and astounded by how much luggage was required for one night, but the children had soon used all they had brought with them to set up their sleeping and entertainment areas. Thank goodness teddies were restricted to two per person or the children would not have fit inside their sleeping bags.
The early evening was taken up with ice cream, various games and enjoying the grounds to themselves. Kick Rounders set the scene for some excellent teamwork with fish and chips quickly following (which was just as well after all the exercise that had been going on). Not only was the 23rd, sleepover day, it was also Edward N’s birthday. The children sang happy birthday to Edward as his cake was served up as dessert.
Whilst we waited for darkness, the children watched a movie of their choice having visited Mrs George’s tuck shop. A highlight was the boy’s caterpillar races in their sleeping bags and the girls learning the dance moves to ‘Faith’ by Ariana Grande.
Once it was dark enough, Year 4 set out on a night walk. Torches in hand, they first explored the empty school and then set off down Burnt House Lane to visit the new field. Bravely following the shingle path, the children were able to see where the sports day will be held and how beautiful are the grounds surrounding our school. Once back in school, the children visited one last unexpected place… but we’re not letting on where it was!
Returning to camp, it was definitely time for PJs, teeth clean, face wash and bed (and that was just the teachers!). Most children snuggled down and slept after a very busy day but a few had to be reminded just how late it was.
The early risers were not exactly greeted with enthusiasm but eventually, everyone was up the next morning and choosing their cereal for breakfast. Packing away took ingenuity and teamwork to put sleeping bags back in their covers, airbeds back in their bags and classrooms back in order. The parents seemed delighted to retrieve their very tired children but have been told quite firmly that we will not be offering this event every week!
All the children, parents and staff agreed that the sleepover was a great success.
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