Our outstanding results year on year and the welcoming, nurturing atmosphere at Meoncross are not down to chance. Nor is it a coincidence that our pupils emerge from this setting confident, caring and outward looking. All this stems from the excellence of our teaching staff.

Staff are recruited with great care, and it is the culture of the school to help them to improve their teaching skills year on year. We perform regular observations both planned and unplanned and provide detailed feedback with support to help them make improvements. Staff are encouraged to make their lessons creative and engaging as this is the route to inspire and inform our pupils.

All the staff share a common sense of purpose and morale is boosted by the everyday friendliness of our staff room, and staff have regular opportunities to participate in social events.

We operate an open door policy at the school and should you wish to contact a member of staff you may do so by emailing them. The email protocol is firstname.surname@meoncross.co.uk.  Alternatively if you would prefer to speak to someone over the phone or would like to arrange a face to face meeting, please call the office on 01329 662182 and we will do our best to put you in contact.


Bev Watts Head and DDSL
Kerri Jenkins DSL
Angie Isaac School Business Manager  / Data Protection Officer/ H&S Officer
Paul Clarke Deputy Head – Lower School
Martin Barratt Deputy Head Academic – Upper School
Sarah Chalmers Head of EYFS

Nicola Lambros – Director of Education (Cognita)

Pastoral (Upper School) Assistant Head Matt Russell
Art & Design Technology Head of Dept Donna-Marie Ansen
Art & Design   Tom James
Business & Computer Studies Head of Dept Martin Barratt
Computer Science   Jo Russell
Careers Lead Jo Russell
Performing Arts Head of Dept Vicky Sheath
English Head of Dept Jo Capon
English 2nd in Dept Claire Illingworth
English   Julian Elphick-Smith
Geography Head of Dept David Trollope
Geography   Michelle Ness
History Head of Dept Ben Lovett
Latin   Allana Allen
Mathematics Head of Dept Paul Johnson
Mathematics   Kara Dallat
Mathematics   Rachel Lushey
Modern Foreign Languages Head of Dept Helen East
Modern Foreign Languages 2nd in Dept Rosemary Dorey
Modern Foreign Languages   Helen Farmer
Modern Foreign Languages   Caroline Lopez
Music (Performance)   Susanna Shaw
Physical Education Head of Dept Emma Pickering
Physical Education   Matt Russell
Physical Education   Louis Dear
Physical Education   Gemma Eldridge
Physical Education   Sue Wilson
Religious Studies / SMSC Coordinator of Katrina Thom
Science Head of Dept Stephen Stuart
Science 2nd in Dept Lucy Morgan
Science   Paul Clarke
Science   Anna Todd

Reception Rae Gamblin
Reception Sarah Chalmers
Year 1 Kerri Jenkins
Year 1 Helen Williams
Year 2 Charlotte Reid
Year 2 Key Stage 1 Coordinator Claire Robinson
Year 3 Charlotte Williams
Year 4 Rachael Davis
Year 4 Debra Foley
Year 5 Maths Coordinator Rebecca Hanslip
Year 5 Claire Searle
Year 6 Syeda Akthar
Year 6 English Coordinator Catherine Smith

Assessment & Reporting Whole School David Trollope
Character Education Co-Ordinator / PHSE Whole School Debra Foley
Curriculum Director Whole School Martin Barratt
Designated Safeguarding Lead Whole School Kerri Jenkins
Deputy DSL Early Years Lead Sarah Chalmers
Deputy DSL Early Years Deputy Lisa King
Deputy DSL / Pastoral Lead KS2 Paul Clarke
Deputy DSL / Pastoral Lead KS3 Matt Russell
Deputy DSL / Pastoral Lead KS4 Matt Russell
Enrichment Co-Ordinator Whole School Vicky Sheath
EVC Whole School Bev Watts
EVC Administrator Whole School Cathy Winter
Global Mindedness Co-Ordinator Whole School Caroline Lopez
Performing Arts (Head of) Whole School Vicky Sheath

Sarah Chalmers Head of Early Years
Lisa King Deputy Nursery Lead
Jackie Rushforth Early Years SENCo
Wendy Fisk Nursery Practitioner
Danae Lovegrove Nursery Practitioner
Sue Parker Nursery Practitioner
Robyn Wimble Nursery Practitioner
Jordan Bayley Nursery Practitioner
Palmira Kew Nursery Assistant
Sally Nieddu Nursery Assistant

Louis Dear SENDCo and
Rachel Lushey Learning Support Assistant & Deputy SENDCo
Rebecca Powell Learning Support Assistant
Kathryn Shinton Learning Support Assistant
Abby Waterhouse Learning Support Assistant
Naomie Horne Learning Support Assistant
Jackie Bright Learning Support Assistant
Wendy Clarke Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Holly Dawson Admissions Manager
Ali Wood Marketing Manager
Sue Watson HR / Recruitment
Sam Mapstone Finance Manager, H&S Assistant
Cathy Winter Office Manager, Data Officer
Jeanette James Head’s PA / Admin Assistant
Wendy Denney Admin Assistant
Alison Pegg Reprographics Assistant
Gillian Seaman Science Technician
Debbie Davis Catering Manager
Sarah Rowe Assistant Catering Manager
Maureen Gayton Catering Assistant
San Feng-Liao Catering Assistant
Casey LiSolen Catering Assistant
Sue Peterson Catering Assistant
Sue Swift Catering Assistant
Debra Phillips Catering Assistant
Jackie Bright Lunchtime Supervisor
Mark Kent Head Caretaker
Steve Cooper Assistant Caretaker

Penny Murray
01329 66 2182