As children progress from the Nursery into the Infants, they are encouraged to develop further the skills of learning, whilst adding to the attributes of resilience and independence. The foundations for academic success are laid during these years, supported by the development of self-confidence and a love of learning.

Children learn in small class sizes, with tailored provision for every child. The Read, Write Inc. phonics scheme continues every day, when the children learn in small groups from across the Infant School, to ensure that the basic building blocks of learning to read are embedded.

Curiosity and enquiry remain at the heart of the curriculum, as the children are encouraged to develop their preferred learning style in a more formal learning environment.

Infant children continue to benefit from specialist teaching and in addition they are encouraged to build their capabilities and to stretch themselves through our enrichment programme, Passport, and by taking part in extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Reading, writing, mathematics and science form the core subjects of the curriculum in the Infants, with creativity and the Arts continuing to play an important part in the children’s learning.

English and mathematics take place every day, and the children are listened to read every day by an adult, which ensures rapid progress and access to our wide-ranging curriculum. Mathematics is underpinned by the Abacus scheme of work, which ensures a consistent and thorough approach to all things mathematical, with an emphasis placed on problem solving and application of skills learnt, as well as the fundamentals, such as times tables and number bonds.

History and Geography are studied through topic work in Reception and Year 1, whilst Year 2 has timetabled specific history and geography lessons, to introduce them to the wider world. All subjects are enhanced with trips and events which are directly linked to the children’s learning, supporting our ‘hands on’ approach.

Year R and Year 1 take part in visits to the beach as part of their curriculum. Art and Design Technology teach a variety of skills, including the invaluable tools of planning and evaluating the children’s own work, as well as the work of others. Music lessons encourage pupils to learn, sing and play traditional songs, as well as offering them the opportunity to play a wide range of instruments. The Infant Choir enables all children to access music and singing on a weekly basis.

Physical Education begins by focusing on basic balls skills and is taught by specialist teachers from the Upper School, as are music and French. Key vocabulary, games, songs, and an introduction to French culture, ensure that children are fully engaged in learning a different language.

Lessons in Thinking Skills encourage the children to learn the art of debating, with a focus on justifying their opinions, as well as considering philosophical questions, such as ‘Is it ever right to steal?’ Personal, Health and Social Education lessons place emphasis on how to form positive relationships with others, good manners, as well as how to stay safe, including E-Safety.

The Meoncross Passport ensures that all Infant children are given the opportunity to work with other pupils from across the school in activities such as sewing, baking, mindfulness, photography and yoga.

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