Our Upper School curriculum has been lovingly crafted to be broad, creative, inspiring and  challenging. All classes are taught by highly skilled and dedicated secondary subject specialists, who tailor their approach to the unique needs of their learners. We work hard to be the best teachers we can be and we make use of variety of inspiring teaching approaches that help foster a lifelong love of learning, whilst maximising progress.

During Year 9, pupils begin their transition to the GCSE curriculum in the core subjects –  English, Mathematics and Science – and before they make their final options choices, every child is able to experience the full range of subjects we offer, which encompasses a wide range of linguistic, cultural, creative and scientific subjects. As well as their options choices, all pupils continue to study English, Maths, Science, PSHE and Core PE during Years 10 and 11.

We assess progress in a wide range of ways to ensure we understand where each child is on their learning journey and teachers set individual targets to help them to improve. We report regularly on this to parents and include areas for improvement, as well as an indication as to how they are developing more holistically towards targets derived from national benchmarks. This is in addition to providing full, written reports once per year and operating a system of Academic Mentoring, which provides all pupils with regular opportunities to discuss their academic and pastoral needs.

In addition to our Scholarship programme, we provide many opportunities for our gifted and talented children to develop and they are included in a range of extra-curricular provision that will stretch and challenge them in their areas of interest. In-class learning support is offered for students when they need it and this is supplemented by booster classes and subject clinics to enhance learning in individual subjects.

Meoncross Parent

Our children are happy, focused and thriving. Moving them to Meoncross was quite simply the best decision we ever made.

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