Scholarships are an opportunity to recognise, celebrate and reward excellence. These awards identify attainment, ability and aptitude and are designed to attract high quality candidates at key entry points. 

Scholarships are awarded to pupils to celebrate their commitment to a course of study and excellence within that subject. Awarding a scholarship is our opportunity to publicly recognise the combination of talent and application. 

Pupils who demonstrate skill, aptitude and passion in a particular field become one of a small number of Meoncross School scholars. First and foremost this title is an honour and with it comes responsibility, kudos and opportunity. Scholars set the bar and then seek to raise it. They embody the school values, are role models and ambassadors.

In addition, to the accolade of receiving a scholarship, there will also be a reduction in school fees. 

Scholarships are awarded on merit and are determined for the most part by the performance of the candidate in the relevant assessments and the supporting evidence supplied.

For more information about our scholarship programme, please contact us on 01329 666 017.

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