Welcome to Beach School. Meoncross is only a mile from the Solent, a wildlife-rich, safe stretch of seawater and a beachcomber’s paradise. Where better to bring our children to learn in the fresh air, to connect with nature and enjoy this unique learning experience away from the classroom?

We all know that children learn more when they are happy and engaged.  Beach School can help children learn how to explore and experiment, reduce behaviour problems, develop an interest in the environment and wider surroundings, keep healthy but most of all, enjoy the limitless resources. One of the key benefits of learning outside is that we have the most amazingly well resourced stock cupboard we could hope for.

By taking learning outdoors, children have the opportunity to make learning concepts, real and relevant by putting them into a more realistic context; many concepts which some children find difficult to grasp in the ‘classroom’. Taking children out into their environment is like unclipping their wings. Children, who appear shy, find sitting for short periods of time or find their indoor environment challenging come alive.

Beach School learners become more knowledgeable, more empathetic and develop a deep respect and appreciation for nature and the world around us. This makes an impact on behaviour, making children more positive and motivated in their learning.

Beach School is built into the Early Years school curriculum, and provides age appropriate opportunities for pupils to take their learning outdoors.

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